We’re making a music video for Creedence’s “Long As I Can See the Light” and want you to be a part of it!

Most likely, you grew up listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival. We like to call it “musical inheritance”: music that resonates across generations, that parents “pass down” to their children. So what could be a more fitting soundtrack for a tribute to the person you celebrate on Father’s Day…?

Send us your cherished video memories with your father, grandfather or another guiding light in your life. The special family moments; it might be a milestone like your graduation day, or something as simple as you and Grandpa clowning around at home. We want to see it all!

The specifics:

  • A video featuring the father figure(s) in your life.
  • Horizontal video is preferred, but we will also take vertical video as well.
  • Video examples include anything from iPhone footage to old home movies…any meaningful memory that you’ve captured over the years.
  • Your videos should be unaltered–no filters or edits. No visible branding/logos either, please.
  • All visual assets need to be high-resolution as possible

The deadline for submissions is June 1st  at 8pm BST / 12pm PST / 3pm EST . The official music video will launch just ahead of Father’s Day 2020 – so, be sure to look out for familiar faces.

You may not be able to be physically near the loved ones you’re celebrating this Father’s Day. But we hope this “Long As I Can See the Light” video will make you feel closer than ever. Let’s make this Father’s Day one to remember!

IMPORTANT NOTE - After you agree to terms and click NEXT below you will be redirected to a Dropbox page where you will upload your media.

Long as I Can See The Light Video Submission

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The following shall constitute the terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) governing your submission to Concord Music Group, Inc. ("Company", “us” or “we”), of the images, photographs and/or video footage (the “Material”) submitted by you hereunder for use by us in connection with our creation of a music video (the “Video”) embodying the musical composition entitled “Baby Beluga” performed by the musical artist RAFFI.

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, you hereby grant to Company the non-exclusive right and license to incorporate and use the Material, in whole or in part in connection with Video and in derivative works thereof.  However, you understand that neither we nor any other party are actually obligated to produce or release the Video or to use the Material in the Video as produced and released.

You acknowledge that the Video shall be a “work made for hire” for Company under the U.S. Copyright Act and all other copyright laws throughout the world.  Accordingly, Company shall be deemed the “author” of the Video and shall own all worldwide right, title and interest (including all worldwide copyrights and all renewals and extensions thereof) in and to the Video.  To the extent that you may be deemed the "author" of any part of the Video, you will, upon request, execute and deliver to Company such additional documents as Company may deem necessary to evidence and effectuate Company's rights hereunder, and you hereby grant to Company the right as attorney-in-fact to execute, deliver and record in the U.S. Copyright Office or elsewhere any and all such documents if you shall fail to execute and deliver same within five (5) days after so requested by Company.

You acknowledge and agree that Company and its successors, assigns, licensees and agents shall have the exclusive right, but not the obligation, to include the Material in the Video and in connection with the exhibition (in any media) of the Video and/or derivative works thereof, whether alone or coupled together with other audio and/or visual material, and for advertising, promotion, and/or any other lawful purpose.  You expressly understand and agree that the Material, and/or any part thereof, as embodied in the Video, and all rights therein and all results and proceeds derived therefrom, shall be the sole and absolute property of Company in perpetuity, and Company and its successors, assigns, licensees and agents shall have the unlimited right throughout the universe to copyright and publish, exhibit and use the Video or any part thereof in any manner, and you shall not  have any claim of any nature, nor shall you be entitled to any compensation in connection therewith. Specifically (without limitation), you agree not to make any claim against Company and/or its successors assigns, licensees and agents licensees, successors and assigns based on any moral and like rights that you may have in the Material, or any part thereof, arising from the use of the Material, or any part thereof, as set forth herein.

You hereby certify and represent that you are 18 years of age or older.  You further represent and warrant that you have obtained written permission from each person or location whose name, image, likeness, and/or voice ("Likeness") is included in the Video, and that such person(s) and/or applicable rights holders have granted you all necessary rights to use the person's Likeness as described in these Terms and Conditions. If the Likeness of a minor is included, such grant of rights must include written permission from the minor's parent or legal guardian authorizing the use of the minor's Likeness on behalf of the minor. Upon Company’s request you will email signed copies to Company at such e-mail address as Company shall then advise you.

This contract is subject to exclusive California law and exclusive jurisdiction in Los Angeles California. You hereby certify and represent that you have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof and, intending to be legally bound, you hereby agree to these Terms and Conditions.

I warrant and represent that I am parent and legal guardian of any minor shown in the video (“Minor(s)”), that I have the power and authority to enter into this Release on the Minor’s behalf, that I have fully read and understand the terms of this release, and that I consent to and approve of the terms of the same.  I hereby consent to and approve the Minor’s participation, and I agree to indemnify you against any claims on behalf of the Minor.

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