We are committed to pursuing and supporting environmental compliance and sustainability efforts.

Making choices to lessen our environmental footprint

Our Vision

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Lumen is committed to achieving excellence in its protection of health, safety and the environment for our employees, business partners and global communities. The company will achieve and maintain excellence by:


  • Evaluating risks to the company and developing and implementing effective strategies for mitigating identified risks
  • Complying with applicable regulations and company requirements
  • Allocating appropriate resources to facilitate implementation of the EHS function 
  • Communicating responsibilities and other requirements using effective training and awareness programs 
  • Encouraging employee participation
  • Developing innovative and flexible solutions that drive improved EHS performance and contribute to achieving company objectives 

Environmental Sustainability


Lumen is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability principles and practices throughout our operations as we work to serve our customers and our communities. The company will maintain the following objectives to inform and drive our sustainability efforts:


  • Identifying and implementing sustainability initiatives aligned with our overall business objectives
  • Building and operating an energy-efficient global communications network, which helps to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reducing waste and energy/materials consumption
  • Engaging employees and suppliers in oursustainability efforts
  • Meeting applicable sustainability legal requirements
  • Establishing sustainability metrics to measure the results of our efforts